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Pars Institute of Computation Aided Design

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Here Is Our Story!

We are a team of extremely motivated computational designers that run Pars IoCAD research and other activities. Pars IoCAD, which is short for Pars Institute of Computation Aided Design, is a fabrication laboratory and research group, based in Pars University of Architecture and Art in Tehran, Iran. Three curious students established this fab lab in October 2017. We are active in a variety of fields in design and research.  You can find more and know us better by visiting the About Us page.



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Our educational activities have several parts including, University Courses, Training Courses, Online Courses, Tutorials, and Algorithms. We cover a variety of subjects in Computational Design, Architecture, and Industrial Design. Visit the Education page to have a better perspective.

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Let's DO It

 In Pars IoCAD we are focused on the digital fabrication and state of the art methods and facilities in this realm. Most of our activities are an attempt to study and fabricate and share this knowledge and experience with others through workshops, college courses, etc. Visit this page for more.

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We conduct plenty of research in a variety of fields in Architecture, Design, and Construction. Computational Design, due to its multidisciplinary nature, hires a variety of skills. Among them, coding and software development has a bold role. Pars IoCAD has an active role in this realm.

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Exploring the state of the art fields of study and techniques and sharing them is one of our areas of focus. We have held several seminars, conferences, etc. In addition, Dialogue is an Instagram live series in the form of conversations with architects, Industrial Designers, and experts.




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