Education Section

– University Courses

– Training Courses

– Algorithms

Sharing knowledge and spreading it constitutes our fundamental idea in Pars IoCAD.

We share knowledge and experience across universities, in our training courses, and through online facilities like social media, our website, and online communication platforms.
Our education activities have three sections. Including University courses, Training Courses, and Algorithms. We offer our educational activities both in-person and online.

University Courses

We have a strong attendance in different master level courses in several universities across Tehran, including Pars University, Islamic Azad University Southern branch.

Our role is to assist professors and support students in different ways, including the design process, algorithms, technical difficulties, final design and digital fabrication. 

Training Courses

Exploring the world of computation and its tools and software programs, and share it with students through training courses in a variety of subjects is a crucial section of Pars IoCAD.

Along with our studio and class base courses, we offer ONLINE COURSES and TUTORIALS as well.                                  


We share the most considerable algorithms and algorithmic design examples from ourselves and students in this section.

Exploring algorithmic design and novel methods in parametric design and share them with curious adventurers is the key role of this section.