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Exploring the state of the art fields of study and techniques and sharing these findings with others is one of our areas of focus. We have held several seminars, conferences, etc. For instance:

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The Dialogue series is an Instagram live series in the form of conversation with prominent architects and experts. You can find the recorded videos of all the LIVE sessions at the Dialogue page

Conferences & Seminars

Coding and Scripting in Architecture and Design pic

Coding and Scripting

Coding and Scripting in Architecture and DesignPars IoCAD officially starts its activities on Thursday, October 5, 2017, by holding a seminar in the realm of the impact of coding and scripting in Architecture and Design. This seminar had five lectures, including...


سخنرانی ها - هرم پی

The Digital World and The Future Architecture

The Digital World and The Future Architecture95th meeting of Heram Pei Consulting Engineers was held with Pars IoCAD. The topic of this meeting was "the Digital World and the Future Architecture", and Pars IoCAD team discussed the Architecture path regarding...

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Series of conversations with prominent architects and experts in different fields of study in Architecture.