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Pars University Pavilion

HEXADOME PAVILION – October 23, 2017

Pars University’s pavilion was built on 23 October at Pars University by a group of students. The pavilion which was parametrically designed and fabricated consists of 90 hexagonal modules that together shape a honeycomb structural pattern. This pattern provides structural consistency using minimal material. Each of these 90 modules is unique and together they create a spherical geometry. The pavilion is made of cardboard which is light as well as disposable and cheap. Which according to pavilion’s computed structure provides a high level of efficiency in ratio to its own weight. The whole structure weighs half as an average man. No glue has been used for joints, rubber joints have been used instead. So the entire pavilion can be disassembled by one man using just a wire cutter and be transported to a new location easily and reassembled.

Pavilion opening as “HexaDome” happed on Tuesday 24 October attended by pars university’s head Prof. Mahmoud Golabchi and international architecture Mr Hadi Tehrani.

Area: 5.72 m2                 

Height: 2.15 m


Designer: Amid Mortazavi

Detail: Mehrbod Pakbaz – Niloofar Shabani

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM): Pars IoCAD

  • Sahar Asgari 
  • Zahra Zakariya Pour
  • Ramin Ghaemi Gargari
  • Negar Shaghaee Fallah
  • Khatereh Hasanzadeh
  • Mohadeseh Taheri
  • Farhad Barahimi


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