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Folded Steel Panels

March 3, 2018

This fabrication workshop’s main purpose was to control sunlight radiation into the indoor space. To reach this goal, Voronoi geometry was selected due to its complex nature and geometrical features. There are several parameters that can influence the result. Depth of each panel, height and the opening ratio.
The folding method was selected because of its fast assembly and stable features. There is no need for glue, binding materials, welding, etc. In addition, this method makes the panel reusable and easy to transfers.

Day 01
The first day of the workshop, the students learned how to design an algorithm in Grasshopper3D to generate the sort of forms suitable for folding. After that, we asked every team to design their own panel with a specific ratio for its dimensions because we wanted to instal the final panel in the Pars IoCAD lab. There were 12 students and each team consisted of 2 participants, therefore 6 projects were produced.

Day 02
In the second day, we went to a metal laser cutter laboratory in order to visit the metal sheet store and got to know the characteristics of metal sheets and also see what the metal CNC laser cutter machine is and got to know how it works.

Day 3
The last day was the fabrication time for the selected project. All the participants along with us started from one corner of the panel. Therefore, there were four groups. After the completion of the four parts, we attached them with bolts and nuts. Finally, the whole panel connected to its frame.
Material Charectarictic: steel with 0.33 mm thickness

Vahid Azizi

Abouzar Movahedi Qomei

Farhad Barahimi

Ehsan Ghaderi

  • Hedieh Bakhtiari
  • Khatereh Hasanzadeh
  • Nazli Hoseini
  • Asra Khalesroo
  • Amir Khodapanahi
  • Reyhaneh Khojasteh
  • Masoumeh Shasti
  • Mohadeseh Taheri
  • Parvaneh Farshchi


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