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Egg-Crate Surfaces

Exploring Contour as a Fabrication Method – October 22, 2017

The first activity inside Pars IoCAD in the realm of fabrication was EggCrate. This workshop was two-day long tuition and fabrication and had a procedure like the other DIYs.
– Step one: Defining an algorithm that could generate contour lines in two different directions.
– Step two: Subtraction of each part to be able to join them together.
– Step three: Each team design a form and generate its EggCrate parts
– Step four: Appy the algorithm and then nest them to be prepared for laser cutting.
– Step five: Fabrication.

This Fabrication method, unlike its simple appearance, has several remarkable features. As the mentorship process started by introducing its history and case studies, the variety of its application was revealed. From furniture and small objects toward huge monumental constructions, in addition, an advanced application of this method in the construction of extremely complicated geometries was another feature for this method.

Vahid Azizi

Abouzar Movahedi Qomei

Ehsan Ghaderi

  • Hedieh Bakhtiari
  • Reyhaneh Khojasteh
  • Dorsa Shapouri
  • Mohadeseh Taheri
  • Parvaneh Farshchi
  • Shahab Vafi
  • Amir Sattari
  • Zahra Zakariya Pour
  • Zahra Tarashioun
  • Amir Arsalan Torani


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