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Pars IoCAD, which is short for Pars Institute of Computation Aided Design, is a fabrication laboratory and research group, based in Pars University of Architecture and Art in Tehran, Iran. Three curious students established this fab lab in October 2017.

Pars IoCAD is always open to new ideas and eager to try new things. In the field of fabrication, there is only one goal: FIND new methods, FIND new forms, and DO IT Yourself.

Pars IoCAD also has national and international activities and honors:

– 3rd place in FABFES2018, Westminster University international fabrication competition, London, 2018.

– Partner fab lab in Active Aging international Competition, in corporation with Roglab in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019.

– Selected work in the open call section, Patternitecture event, Tehran, Iran, 2019.


  • Laser Cutter: 1300*900 – 105 W
  • FDM 3D Printers
  • Arduino Lab: boards, sensors, actuators, Kinect, etc.
  • Wood Working Tools

The main goal in Pars IoCAD is to explore new methods of design and fabrication through the technology window. therefore, there are several active branches in our laboratory, including:

Digital Fabrication

This branch’s motto is:
STOP imagining, STOP overthinking, LET’s Do It

Pars IoCAD is a fabrication laboratory. Fab lab’s first aim is to make ideas real and tangible. In our institute, we are focused on the digital fabrication and state of the art methods and facilities in this realm. Most of our activities are an attempt to study and fabricate and share this knowledge and experience with others through workshops, college courses, etc.

Pars IoCAD could earn 3rd place in FABFEST208, Westminster University international fabrication competition. Besides, our Bended wooden panel received the selected project in the open call section in Patternitecture 2019 event.

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Our mission in education has many sides.  We divide it into three main sections:

1- University Courses: We have a strong attendance in different master level courses in several universities across Tehran, including Pars University, Islamic Azad University Southern branch. Our role is to assist professors and support students in different ways, from the design process, algorithms, and technical difficulties, to final design and digital fabrication.

2- Training Courses: The application of computational design in different fields of study is the target of this section. Exploring the world of computation and its tools and software programs, and share it with students through training courses in a variety of subjects is a crucial section of Pars IoCAD. This section has to subsections: Online Courses and Tutorials.

3- Algorithms: We share the most considerable algorithms and algorithmic design examples from ourselves and students in this section.

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Exploring the state of the art fields of study and techniques and sharing these findings with others is one of our areas of focus. We have held several seminars, conferences, etc. For instance:

  • Coding and Scripting in Architecture and Art: Daniel Shiffman, Saturo Sugihara, Mahmoud Golabchi, Matin Alaghmandan, Hamidreza Shirdel, 2017
  • Digital World and tomorrow’s Architecture: 95th of Herampei lecture series, Vahid Azizi, Abouzar Movahedi Qomei, Ehsan Ghaderi, 2018
  • Digital, Bionic, Energy, Architectural technologies: Patric Chopson, Clemens Preisinger, Theodore Galanos, 2018

The Dialogue series, which is an update for our programs Due to the novel Coronavirus, is an Instagram live series in the form of conversation with architects and experts.

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We conduct plenty of research in a variety of fields in Architecture, Design and Construction.

Computational Design due to its multidisciplinary nature hires a variety of skills. Among them, coding and software development has a bold role. Pars IoCAD by the advantage of its team has an active role in this realm.

  •  Runway-ml Plugin for Grasshopper3d. Author: Vahid Azizi

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Public Services

Regarding our knowledge and facilities, we offer many services open to the public including:

– Digital fabrication from design to construction

– Technical and software support for companies and individuals

– Digital fabrication laboratory services including laser cutting, 3D printing, etc.

– Supporting students startups and businesses through sharing their works in our website and social media under IoCAD Family section

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