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Multidimensional Pavilion

July 23, 2017

This pavilion designed for FABFEST 2018 competition at Westminster University in London.

The whole Pavilion is created from just one piece which can connect to others by tongue and groove. This method is categorized as aggregation systems. 2D modules join together and generate a 3D form.
This pavilion is inspired by Chahartagh a prominent Iranian architectural element. therefore, this project is a kind of revival of an ancient form.

We couldn’t attend the festival for the final assembly and presentation, because of some problems with Visa, but a lovely voluntary group of students from Westminster University built that pavilion for us.

Without kind helps of Dr David Scott the organizer of the festival this pavilion couldn’t become a reality.

MultiDimensional Pavilion earned the 3rd place in the fabrication method category.

  • Vahid Azizi
  • Abouzar Movahedi
  • Amid Mortazavi
  • Zhina Rashidzadeh
  • Farhad Barahimi
  • Ehsan Ghaderi
  • Niloofar Rafinia

Dr Ali Andaji Garmaroudi


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