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The Digital World and The Future Architecture

95th meeting of Heram Pei Consulting Engineers was held with Pars IoCAD. The topic of this meeting was “the Digital World and the Future Architecture”, and Pars IoCAD team discussed the Architecture path regarding technological advances in this field. The head of the meeting was Dr Mohamad Mehdi Mahmoudi.

In the first part of the meeting, Ehsan Ghaderi elaborated the technology path and human beings history of discoveries and invents, and how these findings changed humans life. Finally, he presented scientists forecast of future technologies.

Vahid Azizi, in the next part, talked about architectural tools in the last decades and Softwares history. Then, he argued about their revolutionary effect on Architecture. In the end, he discussed new approaches in Softwares and tools and the importance of coding and scripting in today’s Architecture.

As the final lecturer, Abouzar Movahedi Qomei presented the construction path from the beginning of the history to the future methods and facilities in this realm. Abouzar talked about the digital age and its impact on the construction and how these revolutions in construction evolved the Architecture discipline. At the end of his speech, Abouzar presented the world of robotic construction and 3D printing.

Dr Mohamad Mehdi Mahmoudi at the end of the meeting asked Professor Darioush Farhood the father of genetics science in Iran about his opinion about the history of discoveries and inventions.


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