University Courses

Pars IoCAD has a strong attendance in different master level courses in several universities across Tehran, including, Pars University, Islamic Azad University Southern branch. Our role is to assist professors and support students in different ways, from the design process, algorithms, and technical difficulties, to final design and digital fabrication.

In Collaboration with prominent scholars

Prof. Mahmoud Golabchi

Post Doctoral Research, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, England, 1996.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, England, 1996.

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran, 1985, (First Rank).

Dr. Matin Alaghmandan

Assistant Professor in the school of Architecture and Urbanism at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. visiting professor at Tehran University. He holds a doctorate in Architecture in the realm of the integration of architecture, structure and fluid dynamics of tall buildings at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.    

Dr. Ali Andaji Garmaroudi

He holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Tehran. He is a guest lecturer at the faculty of architecture of Tehran University and Pars University of Architecture and Art. He is a well-known Architect, and he has won several national and international architectural competitions.

Dr. Alireza Karimpour

He is an Assistant Professor of Architectural technology at Islamic Azad University Southern Branch of Tehran. He is also a visiting professor at Pars University of Architecture and Art where he teaches Design Studios for Master of science students in Computational Design.